The Brewery

About the Brewery

Lunn's Mill Beer Company is located at 515 Carleton Road in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.

Hours of Operation: We are open for samples and growler fills on Thursdays from noon to 6:30pm and Fridays from noon to 6:30pm.

You can find us on Google Maps if you're not familiar with the area. Carleton Road is a part of Highway 201, which runs along the south side of the beautiful Annapolis River from Annapolis Royal to Greenwood.

Our brewery is situated on 7 acres bordering on a pond that flows into the Annapolis River.


The name "Lunn's Mill" was the original name of this part of the Annapolis Valley way back in 1760, before it became known as Lawrencetown in 1822.

The property itself was the former home of Carleton Road Industries Association, who moved to a location on Highway 1, just on the other side of the river, in 2016.

The main brewery building was originally built as the central hub connecting and heating several greenhouses as part of a nursery run by the Department of Natural Resources.

The Story of Lunn's Mill

In 1760, this beautiful part of the Annapolis Valley was known as Lunn's Mill, named after the major industry in the area: a bustling sawmill owned by John Lunn. Around this time, the schooner Charming Molly set sail from New England carrying the first New England Planters. These intrepid people helped expand the community with farms and shops, and in 1822 it was renamed to Lawrencetown. 

Lunn's Mill Beer Company pays homage to our past and to the people who choose to come to Nova Scotia and make their living from the land. We strive to keep up this tradition using top quality ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible, and partnering with local businesses to put Lunn's Mill back on the map as a proud brewer of Nova Scotia craft beer.