Contents are best enjoyed within a week of purchase, however it may keep longer than that as long as it has not been opened. For best results, keep it cold until you're ready to drink it.

Once you open it and pour the first taste, it is best enjoyed within 48 hours. Better still if you can polish it off the same day. After a couple of days the beer will go flat and will not be as enjoyable.

After the beer is all gone, rinse it out right way with plain water (twice if you've got time) and let it dry. The sooner you rinse it, the easier it will be. Do not put the cap back on once empty. We'll give you a new cap next time you get it filled.

We're happy to fill any growlers (including ones from other breweries) with our beer, as long as they are clean. We don't want any nasties in there making the beer taste bad.